Tapatio Restaurant

Don Arnulfo Chavez (Owner) opened the restaurant in 2001. From the very beggining the restaurant took popularity with the locals, but exteded to the surranded area and then to my other towns. Mr. Chavez, have 30 years in experience on mexican cooking which put have help him to get his restaurant as one of the best in the area of Dover, NJ. Tapatio has won awards for its great plates and healthy food (Morris, Essex Healthly and Life). If your are looking for an autentique mexican food restaurant, come visit Tapatio Restaurant in Dover NJ and bring your on bottle, for any special occasion or event.


Tapatio is a regional mexican dance, here is a little history about it.



The dance 


Tells the story of love and courtship. The man, wearing a traditional charro suit, a three-piece suit composed of a vest, jacket, and pants bearing silver buttons down the seam, makes initial courtship gestures to a woman, la china, who wears the traditional China Poblana outfit. They flirt throughout the beginning of the dance, 

during which the man attempts to woo the woman whit his stamping and tapping and his excessive masculinity. At first, the woman rejects her potential suitor but just as has impressed the woman, he becomes drunk with glory, and is shooed away as a borracho (an inebriate), but ultimately, he succeeds in conquering the china, throwing his hat to the ground and kicking his leg over her leg over her head as she bends down to pick it up. The dance end with a romantic turn or the couple hiding their faces behind the man's sombrero in a feigned kiss.